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Speedpack - Pros and Cons?

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by Siegfried Grzeschik

I am just trying to do a bit of research on using speed packs in our assemblies in an ever present battle to work out better and faster ways to work with our huge assemblies. on the surface it looks like the answer to all our prays! but i know better than to assume that by now. so i was hoping that some of you guys might be able to help out by listing some of the things you have run into that make it worth it or not.


i have had a quick play with it today and the only thing i have run into so far is that when you have a speekpacked assembly down a few sub assemblies it doesn't seem to show that it is speed packed and you can still select every surface. i have done the "use speedpack" from the right click menu and check to see it was in the speedpack config, but it was still letting me select every surface. like i say this was just a very quick play this afternoon before shutdown, so i will continue to play tomorrow. we do a lot of top down modeling here and as a result we use our origin and origin planes to mate to other origins and origin planes or driving sketches, so i don't think it will be a big problem that little to no faces come through, and from the quick play i had, i see when you measure anything that is a speed pack it will still let you select any surface which is nice.


i have done a fair bit of reading today and watched some youtube clips, and it really does look good, but most of the post seem to be pretty old. so was wondering if anyone had any new views/experience with this?


we are using SW2014 and EPDM SP5 for what it's worth.


thanks in advance for any help.