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Explode in Solidworks composer is exploding the face of the part instead of the whole part. Why?

Question asked by Rachel Bolinger on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Earl Hasz

I saved my Solidworks assembly as a 3DXML file and then I opened it in Solidworks Composer.

When I try and explode any of the parts in the assembly, Composer is only finding the faces of each part and explodes that. For some reason it's not exploding the whole part.

When I go to the Composer Assembly tree, it seems as if when I uploaded the assembly into Composer, each part has uploaded as an assembly of each of its faces and I'm not sure why. For example I tried to explode a screw but it won't grab the whole screw, it grabs the head of the screw and explodes that.

Does anybody know why this could be happening?

Is there a setting in Composer that uploads parts as assemblies?