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    If Solidworks, EPDM, Autodesk and Windows 8.1 all walked into a bar....

    Josh Killalea

      So a while back i tried to install EPDM and Solidworks 2014 both SP3 onto my windows 8.1 laptop. it worked great for about 2 days and then on day 3 after about an hour of use windows explorer started crashing every 5-10sec. after about 10hrs working at it i finally got the laptop stable, SW and EPDM uninstalled and all my work back and checked in, to be able to work of my desktop again. i did contact the VAR at the time and he was very helpful but hadn't heard of the issue before. i was also about to take 2 months off work so i didn't bother chasing it up any further. i can only assume that windows or something else on my laptop has done an update and that caused an issue with EPDM and Windows Explorer. one of the likely suspects is that i have Autodesk Inventor Suite installed on my laptop. i can't recall why i thought that may have been an issue, but i vaguely recall something coming up about it at the time.


      today i have upgraded all our machines at work with SP5 (yeah i know slow/slack) and was thinking seriously about installing it on the laptop again as it would be hugely advantageous to do so. i was just a little nervous after my last experience, to say the least.


      has anyone else come across anything like this?

      does anyone else have any ongoing issues with EPDM and SW 2014 SP5 on their windows 8.1 machine?

      anything i should look out for?

      any advice at all? (in relation to this)

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          Josh Killalea

          Seen as this would be a fairly rare set of circumstances, i bit the bulltet and installed EPDM and SW again, SP5 a couple of days ago. so far i have only really been doing EPDM admin stuff and very light SW use. i haven't really been pushing either of them to much. so far 2 days on and there has only been a "minor glitch" every now and again with windows explorer crashing. (gees i really hope i don't jinx myself here! lol) it is kind of like a high stress nervous tick. just happens every now and again and is hard to tell what will trigger it. so i had a look at the event logs and explorer crashed every time it tried to access something called the windows location provider. so i googled windows location provider to see what it was and how to turn it off, and look what i found!


          Turn off Windows Location Provider in Windows





          i never turn stuff like this on! this is set to default to be on and you would never know if there was never a cause for you to look at it or for it. needless to say it is now off.


          i will update in a few more days after i have put both programs through their paces a bit.