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Checked Out files showing Read Only, can not Save

Question asked by John Howell on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Alex Graziani

We are running SolidWorks / SEPDM 2014 SP5.


I have a file that is Checked Out in SEPDM but is showing Read Only in SolidWorks. Windows Explorer is NOT showing a Read Only file attribute.


I have changes I want to keep however the file can not be saved even with a Save As over the original name (previous work around).


This is not a new issue for 2014 as we have seen it on more than one previous version.


I don't remember the exact steps I took to check the part out, however it was from within SolidWorks and in the part file itself, which I believe is the Best Practice according to SolidWorks.


Any help would be appreciated to 1) save the changes I currently have (somewhat low priority, mainly to learn) and 2) mitigate this from happening going forward.