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    Checked Out files showing Read Only, can not Save

    John Howell

      We are running SolidWorks / SEPDM 2014 SP5.


      I have a file that is Checked Out in SEPDM but is showing Read Only in SolidWorks. Windows Explorer is NOT showing a Read Only file attribute.


      I have changes I want to keep however the file can not be saved even with a Save As over the original name (previous work around).


      This is not a new issue for 2014 as we have seen it on more than one previous version.


      I don't remember the exact steps I took to check the part out, however it was from within SolidWorks and in the part file itself, which I believe is the Best Practice according to SolidWorks.


      Any help would be appreciated to 1) save the changes I currently have (somewhat low priority, mainly to learn) and 2) mitigate this from happening going forward.