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Discussion created by Krisztian Bimbo on Dec 10, 2014
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Hi Markku,

This is an old post but hopefully my message will bring up a flag at your end?

Your rather impressive resume suggest that Smart Team is one of the many fields of your expertise.

I wonder if you could give me a clue that guides me in the right direction.


Years ago (pre 2010) I worked in nicely streamlined Smart Team environment as a user. I was a Design Engineer, haven’t had any admin tasks, privileges unfortunately. SolidEdge V14 - V19 was the CAD package integrated.

Smart Team handled part creation, part numbering, STD descriptions, also allowed custom descriptions, row material and paint finish selection. Weight of part, row material and paint.

Smart Team also had a link to the ERP system in place so that existing stuff in the ERP could be brought in to the ST work environment.

Smart Team also automatically transferred new designs and BOM structures to the ERP system upon design release.


The million dollar question: Is this set of functionality all built into Smart Team off the shelf or they are custom programmed Add-Ins, connections?


I have been trying to research Smart Team but only current CATIA and V6 integration stuff comes up.

I need something from 2005-2010 that might help me to understand the integration mechanism

Between Smart Team – SolidEdge and Smart Team – ERP.


I really liked the idea of managing all the design work from Smart Team PDM and CAD was only there to create geometry. (no data management tasks, part no, description, nothing)



In my current job I am running a project to upgrade the current design processes.

SW & EPDM is the new platform, we’ll bring it in next year to replace the existing dated system.

However EPDM does not seem to be such a compact, self-contained and self-efficient design management program.


Basically I am aiming to make the most of EPDM to encompass a similar set of capability detailed above or find a 3rd party PDM/PLM solution that may provide this.


Hope this makes sense. Any info regarding Smart Team would be much much appreciated.



Thanks and Kind Regards,