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Why isn't the TaskScheduler choosing the correct printer when batch printing?

Question asked by Josh Klug on Jan 7, 2015

Recently, one of our printers was moved to a different server and now when we batch print from TaskScheduler, prints do not come out of the correct printer. The individual files are set to print to their respective printers.

For example: we have B prints: 11x17 and D prints: plotter size. Before, we could use the TaskScheduler to print a mix of these prints, and it would send the job to the correct printer without any problems. Now, it will send the B prints to the proper printer until the batch comes across a D print. When this happens, it will print the D print on the plotter, and then all prints afterwards including the B prints are sent to the plotter.


Is there a print setting that got messed up when the printer was moved? Ive been through all the settings I can, and cant seem to make this work.


EDIT: The printers are a Canon iX6520 for the 11x17 and a Canon iPF710 Plotter.