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    Explode route lines move

    Chad Fehr

      I have a rather large exploded assembly and after I got done doing my route lines, they all appear to move uniformly

      off the centers of my parts.  I tried to rebuild, shut down and re-open to no avail.  This is a waste of my time and frustrating.

      Has anybody run into this and if so, what was your fix?



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          Jamil Snead

          Unfortunately when you create explode route lines SW usually doesn't add enough relations to fully define them. So if the exploded line sketch is edited sometimes they can accidentally be dragged and messed up. I have never seen all of the explode lines get shifted together so I'm not sure what might have caused that. The best solution I can offer is to edit the exploded line sketch and manually add concentric relations between each line and the part that it goes to.