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    Problems with missing parts in a assembly

    Rick Van Der Ven



      I recently upgraded from SW 2014 to SW 2015. and it was working fine until recently i opened some assembly's and SW told the files where missing and i had to relocate them. Thats fine if it happens ones but i haven't moved any parts so why can't SW find the files? It also happens to assembly's i just made 10 seconds ago. I close it and open it again and SW tels me the parts are missing.

      Could somebody help me with this problem?


      kind regards,


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          Steve Lovell

          Hi Rick,


          I'm not sure, but it looks like SW 2015 handles assemblies in a slightly different way, I had the same issue I tracked it down to having a copied toolbox part

          in the assembly, so I had two files in different sub assemblies within a top level assembly called the same thing one with all the need configuration one with out. If I opened the individual sub assemblies all was ok, because the need file was opened.

          This did not happen in 2014, this is probably a good thing as it highlights potential problems, but if that's the case some sort of warning would be nice as come across as just a missing file.



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              Rick Van Der Ven

              Hi Steve,


              Well the problem is that even the small sub assembly's are missing parts when i open them. So i can't open a assembly normally without having to individually click and pick every part. So thinking about downgrading to SW'14 again until this problem has been solved by SW or if somebody has a fix for this problem.

              So if somebody has a fix or has the same problems please let my know!