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    no pen BC analysis takes too long

    Jong Lee

      How can I cut running time for an analysis with no pen BC?  My model has a fiberglass beam and a cable bar inside to reinforce its bending stiffness.  A cable bar is constrained in its movement by three vinyl blocks that fill the cavity of the fiberglass.  They are not bonded so I need to use no pen BC. Also, there is a significant difference in solution (central deflection) between bonding BC and no pen BC.  The latter predicts more accurate solution. Should I set up all interfaces using local contact set up to speed up the analysis?



      Jong Lee

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          Jared Conway

          remove the contact..just kidding.


          you can throw hardware at it to see if it can solve faster.

          you could change the solver. but generally direct sparse is best.

          you could try changing the contact type (surf to surf instead of node to surf).

          you could make the mesh coarser. but you'll have to be careful about the results.


          beyond that, your only real option is simplifying the problem so that it solves in a time that is reasonable or remove the contact all together.


          in the end, i always recommend in our mentoring that customers do what they can to get close to the answer using a simplified approach and then finalize with all the details included. and when you do have to include it, use it sparingly and only where needed. ie split faces that won't come in contact.


          even if you changed fea tools, if you have a lot of contact, it comes at a large cost.