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EPDM over WAN - Latency speeds?

Question asked by David Harris on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Francisco Guzman

How many of you are using EPDM over WAN. What is your max latency that you are seeing from different sites to the SQL server?


We have installed EPDM over 3 sites (UK,US,CA) and are facing huge performance issues at the UK site.


Our SQL server is located within the US, with archive servers at each site


With a latency from the UK to the US of 120m/s the system is almost unusable, with a huge delay in trying to perform any actions

e.g. 30+ seconds to register that 10 pdfs have been selected and right clicked.


We have spoke with our reseller and also Solidworks directly, and they have tested that the db is not corrupt and so have put the speed issues purely down to latency.


Is this something anyone else has experienced? As it stands this does not seem as an enterprise solution.

How many many of you are using EPDM over different continents and how did you get round these issues?


I have the Solidworks multi-site document which states that anything above 250m/s is not supported.


Due to other roll outs of other systems, we need to get this implemented by 1st April, so any help would be appreciated.