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Task scheduler not saving render images

Question asked by Emile Desrosiers Malo on Jan 7, 2015

This question comes up in some older posts for older versions, but I can't find one that's been answered.


I schedule a set of renders using Photoview 360 in Solidworks 2014, to output as TIF, with alpha channel file, to a specified folder. The first rendering is set to start based on time, the remainder "after previous task".


All the tasks show as "complete" after a certain amount of time. Clicking on each task opens it's log and confirms that the image has been saved in the correct folder. When I go to the specified folder to retrieve the images, there is only a fraction or no images in the folder. Sometimes it is only 70 out of 90 tasks, 10 out of 15 or no files at all. The missing files can be in any position in the task tree. I searched all my drives for the missing files but never find anything.


I have tried both network and local folders with the same result.


I have turned on "show hidden files and folders" (not that they should be hidden) but that turns up nothing also.


Is there any solution?