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    change reference to model on second / third / etc sheets of drawing (can only change to first sheet using reference button)

    Dave Krum

      Good afternoon All,

      This may be a question that was asked in the past but I did a quick search and nothing really popped up for changing reference on any sheet past the first on an existing drawing that was "save as copy" to a new one.  I sometimes make a drawing which combines several different model parts.  For example, I may have a drawing with 3 sheets, each one referencing a different part.  Now what if I have 3 new parts that are all similar to the original 3 parts with only very slight differences?  I've already created and made the changes to the parts and renamed them to new names using "save as copy".  Is there a way to "save as copy" the drawing now and have it reference the 3 new parts (I'd like to keep the same views as on the originals to save time)?  I'm familiar with how to change the main reference by choosing and editing the reference box on the open dialog but that only changes the first sheet.  I was thinking maybe I could go into the second & third sheets and would find a reference box in there somewhere to change the part reference but don't see any. I can always copy the first sheet of a new drawing to multiple sheets to keep the same format but was curious about the above question.  Thanks.