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    dowel pin hole depth callout wrong

    Ben Galili



      when I build a dowel hole using the hole wizard/dowel pin, and give the pin a Near Side CounterSink, thecallout that appears in the drawing is wrong regarding the depth...

      for example...

      I do a 1.5mm diameter H7 hole, depth 3mm and add a near side countersink of 2.1mm diameter (paralel to adding a 0.3mm chamfer).

      then the hole callout appears as : fig 1.jpg

      if I try to insert the callout from the outer 2.1mm diameter circule then thehole depth appears o.k (3mm), but the dowel 1.5mm diameter appears without its H7 tolerance. and if I try to add the H7 fit manualy, its added to the 2.1 countersink diameter which is so wrong!!! fig 2.jpg


      Please Help!..