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Adative h-refinement, "mesh adaptation failed" error

Question asked by Julian West on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Jared Conway

Morning all,


I've been a Solidworks user for about 4 years, yet never used these forums. I have however just moved over from another simulation package, to Solidworks Simulation itself. I've just run into a simulation issue this morning, using 2015 SP1.1, x64.


I am just conducting a linear static assembly analysis, with all contacts bonded (for a quick initial analysis) and just want to see where I'm at convergence wise, or course. I've just gone to use the h-adaptive tool for the first time (although have use h-adaptive methods in other packages before), after reading the documentation, watching videos etc.


However, regardless of the model I try to run, with h-adaptive enabled - as soon as it begins the first refinement iteration, the simulation fails with the error of "mesh adaptation failed". All settings default, mesh settings default. Playing with h-adaptive local/global slider has no effect, error still present.


Any ideas here?


Many thanks in advance.


EDIT - I've just rerun h-adaptive refinement with a tensile test specimen model, being a very simple model. I can indeed get it to work on such a simple model, but even those I am attempting to run properly I cannot, unfortunately I am unable to share the model - but they are not all that complex.