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Strange Font Problem after 2015 Install

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by John Burrill

Over the weekend I installed SW2015 SP 1.1 and EPDM 2015 1.1 on ten workstations (Windows 7 x64) from the same administrative image.  On eight of these machines, the Century Gothic Regular font was no longer present after the install.  I was able to find the font file on a different machine and install it on those eight machine to resolve the problem.  On two machines however, ALL the Century Gothic fonts are missing.  If I attempt to install them, they refuse to appear in the Font section of Windows Control Panel.  Attempting to install the fonts again results in a 'font exists, do you wish to replace it' message.  Answering Yes or No makes no difference and the font still does not appear.


Has anyone run into this problem before?


Jim S.