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eDrawings 2015 issues

Question asked by Dale Slotman on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Alex Wagner

We just updated to Solidworks and eDrawings 2015 and have noticed 2 major changes that are not ideal for the way we use eDrawings.

1. When in an assembly, if you hover your mouse over a part, it no longer shows the part name.

2. When a part is in a subassembly, if you click on it, it doesn't highlight in the components tree.


These two issues together make it very difficult to figure out what the part number of a component inside a subassembly is.  The only way I've figured out is to create a new part document and see what the name of that document is.  Or expand out all subassemblies before clicking on the part.  Both are pretty awful workarounds.


Anyone else having these issues?  Is there some setting or something that we missed?