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    Hi Dear ALL.

    Ahmad Jafari

      I need a "weight pully rope tutorial" for my crane i saw a very short clip at "youtube.com"  which uploaded by "Deepak Gupta" but i couldent find the tutorial clip. i wonder if any one send me a tutorial clip/pdf file of it.

      this is my crane at the attachment


      thanks in advance

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          Jared Conway

          can you link the youtube clip?


          what exactly do you need to do for your analysis or are you just trying to create an animation?


          there are a lot of forum posts about this topic that you could reference.


          and are you looking for a step by step guide? where are you stuck in your current setup?

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              Ahmad Jafari

              Hi Dear Jared

              thanks for your reply

              I'm exactly looking for a step by step guide to create an animation for my crane.

              I searched it at " youtube.com" in order to find it myself  but it was not a step by step training clip.

              if you follow this:

              Rope Pulley Weight - YouTube

              you can see a 6 second clip which shows a solid works animation that up loaded by " Deepak Gupta"

              i need to know how it has been created in solid works( a step by step tutorial guide)

              Another question is :

              Is it possible to create a Macro in the way that when you run that, acts like a computer game?

              for example after you run the Macro and press "F" from your keyboard as a result the crane(as an example) moves forward and if you press"B" from your keyboard as a result crane moves backward and etc

              I hope u understand what i mean as I'm not very good at English.

              thanks in advance

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                  Jared Conway

                  you still have not described your goal

                  what you posted is an animation

                  it is not a physical simulation

                  as such if your goal is for example to calculate the forces on the rope or see how the rope wraps around the spool, that cannot be accomplished. animation is purely for visualization.


                  also, i believe i have seen example files and some discussions about the method on the forum but no formal step by step.


                  regarding your second question, just to reiterate, these are animations. once you have calculated the simulation it is certainly possible to press a hotkey to play the simulation or reverse it (i think) but pressing a button to change the way the analysis is setup to see it do something different is a bit more complicated. someone posted something like this in the motion section awhile ago to build an api to do something like this but i don't know if they updated what they ended up coming up with. again, understanding what your goal is would help answer this question better.

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                      Ahmad Jafari

                      my goal was to see how the rope wraps around the spool (an animation) and creating a hotkey to play the animation or reverse it at first( a step by step tutorial file) , but now after reading your reply i have been encouraged to make a physical simulation at next step (after creating an animation).


                      another thing that just occupies my mind is that as u mentioned "animation is purely for visualization".and perhaps doesnt have the same significance that simulation has in engineering, as there are many softwares that can do it (just animation) better than Solid Works, so why have many of questions  been asking about animation rather than simulation?


                      and how can i simulate my project as you are expert in Solid Works simulations?i'm trying to design a robat after this project but i have not simulated any project by Solid Works so far. Any information from you will help me


                      again thanks for your patience