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Totally Lost.  Need Deepak's Help!

Question asked by Eric Engel on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Eric Engel

Actually help from anyone would be welcome!  Anyways, I've grabbed a macro online and use it to export our drawing sheets as DWG with a custom file property as the file name.  The file property referenced for the DWG file name is $PRPSHEET:"PartNo".  Now I would like to export a DWG with a custom property from the drawing as well as from the model.  I can't figure it out though.  I want the file name to be $PRP:"SU DRAWING #" - $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" .DWG.  So using the attached picture as reference, the exported file name would be 13316-030.DWG.  Could anyone show me how to reference a custom property at the drawing level and not on a model level? 


Thank you!