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    Totally Lost.  Need Deepak's Help!

    Eric Engel

      Actually help from anyone would be welcome!  Anyways, I've grabbed a macro online and use it to export our drawing sheets as DWG with a custom file property as the file name.  The file property referenced for the DWG file name is $PRPSHEET:"PartNo".  Now I would like to export a DWG with a custom property from the drawing as well as from the model.  I can't figure it out though.  I want the file name to be $PRP:"SU DRAWING #" - $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" .DWG.  So using the attached picture as reference, the exported file name would be 13316-030.DWG.  Could anyone show me how to reference a custom property at the drawing level and not on a model level? 


      Thank you!