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    How to assign current to Part/Assembly?

    Ilan Hakimi



      I want to explorer losses in cryogenic current leads. For start, the configuration includes a round thick copper wire (cylinder) that in one side is exposed to 300K and in the other is exposed to 20K. My problem is that I don't know where/how to assign current to my part/assembly. I tired to use EMS but it only gives me the possibility to assign fixed voltage (not current).


      Would appreciate any help.




      Because we are talking about special geometry, I need it to be done in a 3D mode and not as some kind of a circuit or something like this.

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          Jared Conway

          i'm not following what you want to do here


          are you talking about the temperature affecting the component's ability to transfer electricity?


          can you post some kind of reference information around the problem that you're trying to solve or some example that you'll use to validate the method that you're using?

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              Ilan Hakimi

              Hi Jared,


              First of all, thanks for the reply. What I'm trying to solve is a known problem of cryogenic current leads.


              I have a cryogenic system that reaches 20 kelvin using a cryocooler.  In order to take mesurements in the system I need to get electrical current into system. The current lead I'm using is made of copper.


              My goal is that minimum heat will flow into the system. Heat has two sources: heat from the outside (300 kelvin) and heat coming from electrical losses due to current flow.


              This is the problem I'm trying to model using solidworks simulations. At the moment I'm having difficulties to model the current flow. I tried all kind of simulations in soldworks but couldn't find the one in which I could model current.


              I hope this info helps. Thanks for the help.

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                  Jared Conway

                  there is no method of evaluating current flow in solidworks simulation

                  i believe you can do current flow in EMS but there is no heat associated with it

                  in solidworks flow simulation there is a joule heating option in the electronics cooling module which may meet your needs for both

                  in that case you would apply 0V at one end and then a current at the other end and your output would be the voltage

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                Kousseil Ben Ahmed

                Hi Ilan,

                EMS allows the user to define a voltage driven coil or a current driven coil. It computes the current and magnetic filed distribution due to the current flow. It can be coupled with the steady state thermal analysis. Mainly the heat in this case is coming from the applied current plus the eddy current. Note that EMS thermal module is steady state that requires a convection boundary condition. It is possible to add an extra heat source. EMS tutorials will be the best reference. It has a wealth of info and examples.