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Stenciled Letters on Rolled Cylinder getting cutting off when using Wrap Feature

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by Dave Krum

Good morning,

I'm modeling up a simple rolled cylinder (with 2" overlap instead of welded butt joint) for a stenciled fire ring for a friend.  I used sketch text on a plane at 2 locations, then used the wrap feature with debossing to create the cutouts.  As you can see on the screenshots, for the one side of the cylinder, the cutouts came thru fine, but on the other side (for wrap feature 4), the letter cutouts are getting cut off a little bit then starting up again right at the one quadrant of the semi-circle (preview looks fine on capture1 until you apply the wrap).  Not sure why this is happening since I used the same procedure on the opposite side and it worked fine.  I used the extrude / thin feature to create the rolled cylinder with overlapping.  Maybe this is causing the issue.  I drew a 3 point arc then another arc for the overlapped portion at approx. 90 degrees.  I didn't apply any sheet metal features yet for flattening since there is an issue with the letters.  I'm attaching the .sldprt for reference.  Thanks for any input!