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welment cut list, having problems with inserted part not showing up corectly in the cut list.

Question asked by Danielle Hale on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

We have been having issues with the drawing cut list not showing the corected data, from the inserted part. Sometimes it works fine and other times it is a big mess. I cant figuer out why. i make a 3d sketch and make structural members. If it is a small job i like to insert a few fabricated parts that will be welded to the stuctural member to cut down on drawings. I use the move/copy feature and have solid bodies,surface bodies, axes, planes, cosmetic threads, custom properites, model dimensions, holewizard data, All checked for transfer. I update my cut list and also have these parts up in the back ground. when we go to make the drawing and insert cutlist with part number. Alot of times it does not bring in the right name or even sometimes the right number to the part. when this happens we have been going into the model and deleting the cut list on the tree and reupdating, this has worked in most cases, but since last week this has not been working anymore. We need help. we are on solidworks 2014.