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Why are my references getting lost in my part templates?

Question asked by Matt Wilson on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Daniel Nesthus

Several months ago I created part templates for some of the common parts my company uses.  These are parts where generally the length is the only thing that changes.  For example we have a push bar that is basically a tube bent into a U and has bolt holes 6 inches from each end.  The only difference is how wide it is.  Someone can create a new part from the part template edit the width to the size they need and done.  Today I went to make a new template.  I made the part and saved it as part template.  Then I went to test it by creating a new part from the template and ran into a problem.  Any reference in the model after the first feature was lost.  Sketch plane, relations, dimensions all lost. 


In an attempt to determine the problem I opened one of the old templates and saved it as a copy.  That model then blew up as well.  So I can't make new templates and I can't modify old ones.  There have been 2 changes to our system since I made the original templates.  One, I updated Solidworks to a newer version of 2014.  Two we started using a pdm system, GrabCAD Workbench.  I can't figure out how either one would be causing this problem though.  I tried creating the template both in and out of the PDM system with no luck.  Any thoughts?