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Photoview problem

Question asked by Ricardo Santos on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

Good morning,

For my job I have to animate and render withPhotoView an animation of our product being assembled, only when I save the motion study with Solidworks view it almost  looks as it should, and when I render using PhotoView 360 parts get miss miss placed, and this also happens to me with another animation ..

I am begging for your help, I've had this problem for quite a bit and this has to be done by January.

Thanks in advance,


Here are the links for the renders:

- cavaletes c PS photoview - YouTube With photoview

- cavaletes c PS - YouTube  without photoview


And a still frame rendered by cliclikng on FINAL RENDER:

Dropbox - assembly painel.JPG


All this is diferent, but why????