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Can I model a part using length driven splines?

Question asked by Todd Coyle on Dec 29, 2014

Just learning SW and I've hit a wall. I want to model a hat shape for the creation of a manufacturing tool. I've gotten the crown part pretty well, but I've had no luck with the brim. What I want to do is create a wagon wheel sort of structure from splines with dimensions attached to them. The inner oval part of the wheel will remain fixed to the crown part of the hat. The outer oval I need to be able to move in 3D space to create the swoopy shapes. The spokes would be guide curves to form the roll. Think of a cowboy hat. I know the width of the material for the brim, and I know the circumference. Those dimensions remain fixed no matter how rolled the material becomes.


I can create the wagon wheel sketch just fine. The problem comes when I want to move the splines to change the shape.

1. If I create the sketch on a plane, will I be able to move the spline endpoints on another plane?

2. If I create a 3D sketch containing all of the splines, is there a surfacing method that will create a surface using sketch lines that are in the same sketch?

3. If I break the sketch up into multiple sketches to use the surface creation tools, can I move the spline endpoints together that belong to separate sketches?


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!