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    How to make a ball roll on a Moebius strip?

    Jeong Yoon

      Hi, I am trying to make a ball roll on a Moebius strip.

      I first projected the surface and draw a spline curve on the surface. (on the middle strip)


      Then I used the path mate to make the ball roll. So far, this is working but, the spline curve I drew on the middle strip is rather random.


      I cannot place it in the middle exactly.


      On this other hand, when I try to mate the ball (reference point in the center) with the middle surface, I cannot make the ball circle around since the Moebius strip is two segments.

      (If I mate the ball with one segment I can only roll it over half circle and if I mate the ball with two segments, the ball is not moving)


      Please help me on this


      Thank you in advance