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Background Downloader causing deactiveation problems?

Question asked by Miguel Nieto on Dec 27, 2014
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I've been experiencing a strange problem with my PC recently. When I'm in a window doing something, like typing a letter using Word, my window becomes inactive, like if I were to click away on the desktop, or in another window. This happens while I'm typing away. It can happen with any application, in a browser typeing a message in Facebook, or when working on a part file in SolidWorks. I looked it up on various forums and found some suggested fixes, but I could not make it go away. I contacted some IT people and all they could suggest is google it, which I did, or re-install Windows. What!?!

Just now I click on 'show hidden icons' on the lower left of my screen and found SolidWorks Background Downloader. I clicked on it, then I disabled it, just to check to see if this may have been causing my problem. So far I've been able to type this message without my window going inactive. Yea!

Has anyone experienced this?

I'm leaving the Background Downloader disabled. I'm upgrading to 2015 soon, but once loaded I don't plan to leave the downloader enabled. Would this cause me a problem? I can alway check for updates manually.