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Custom size in custom parts ?

Question asked by Cagri Cihanoglu on Dec 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2014 by Cagri Cihanoglu

Hi you all...


I want to create a part, and add it into the toolbox. When i'll select my part from toolbox and click to create part,its dimensions must be changeable.


For example, i designed a rectangular prism to toolbox , and it has a dimensions such as "w","d" and "h".

After i clicked to create part, i could change the dimension of w, d and h.


How can i make a connection between the dimensions of my parts and toolbox ?


P.S: : I created my part with Configuration Publisher, and with it , i can do what i want, if i save my part as *.sldprt and insert it into assembly.

The view of my part in toolbox.


The view of my part created from toolbox. I can change the dimensions, but that doesnt affect the part..


The view of the Configuration Publisher options while i am configuring.


After i created the prism , and insert it to the assemby tample, and the dimension can be changeable. The view is bottom...