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Simulating a assembly, but runs into problems.

Question asked by Odd Ramone on Dec 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Seckin Uslu

Earlier I have made static simulations on single parts with great luck. But I now have a assembly

that I want to do some static simulation on. But problems have appeared. Here is the assembly:




The assembly consist of 20 parts. They all have the same material properties (Plain Carbon Steel).

Here is the data I used:



I used boned "global contact". And for the connections on the picture under I used "bonded contact sets".

This is where I will weld the parts together when I manufacture the product.




For the massiv rectangular steel box on the end of the pipe I used automatically find connection set,

and I used "bonded contact set" for that one.


And for fixtures I used "fixed geometry" on some holes on the right on the assembly, you see the green

arrows. But not so easy to see the holes. The external loads was only gravity (9,82). Meshing went fine

when I defined the steel pipe ass shell (4mm).


But here is the result when I run the simulation:


The massive steel box to the left slides away, and gets a very funny geometry. And the rest of the assembly

does not show ANY displacement, and that`s not correct at all! Anyone know what I`m doing wrong here?

Maybe I could upload the CAD files so someone could try to do the simulation?

I would certainly have been very grateful!!:)