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    Complex organic shapes

    Sam Forbes

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to model a flower as shown in the attached pictures, I've got to the stage that is attached (7PetalFlower). I'm trying to smooth out the joins between the central part of the flower head and the petals (BackOfCentralPart.jpeg) and am struggling to figure out how to do so. Can anyone offer any suggestions?





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          Mark Kaiser

          From where your current model is at, I would try to draw 2D sketches of the cutouts in the petals, and project this 2D sketch onto the petal, creating a split line on the surface.  Then, do this again for the surface opposite the back, and do a loft cut between the two split surfaces, or maybe just delete face of the split surfaces.  I think it starts with projecting some 2D sketches onto what you have though.


          If you search 'organic' on the forums, you get quite a few results, don't know if they would be helpful to you.