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Physics Dynamics too slow to compute collisions.

Question asked by Marc Samarra on Dec 27, 2014



I've assembled my mechanism but when I try to "move components" with Physics Dynamics, it goes very slow and sometimes it gets stuck.

I know the mechanism is alright since if u're lucky and patient enough and complete the whole motion w/o it getting stuck (about 3-4 min of holding drag >.<) it actually works.


Maybe its a computer issue, although its a pretty good one.

I need to know if there's a way to increase computation performance for physic dynamics.


I thought about doing a motion study to see if it worked faster (as far as I know, SW computes the motion beforehand and then executes it), but im using a student version of SW and it only has the "basic movement" feature, which doesn't work at all (or i'm too newbie to make it work )
I'll attach the assembly file in case someone with a better computer than me can try it, and tell me if it actually works.
Thanks in advance,
Marc S.