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Customer's experience with SW and EPDM 2015

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Dec 26, 2014

SW 2015 performance: What's the users performance story? SW is touting a 50-80% assy file size and 30-50% part file size reduction in SW 2015. This should reduce the RAM requirements,EPDM disk requirements and improve overall user performance. Are people actually seeing these kinds of improvements?


I ask because we have integrated EPDM, SW and DriveWorks with our CRM/Quoting and Engineering tools- used by Sales and Engineering. We are also exploring mobile computing devices (Surface Pro with 8GB RAM) for our Engineers. Heavy design work is done by DriveWorks and designers on workstations.


File size reductions can have an impact on more than just Engineering. I'd like to get the real story before I decide to push for an upgrade- we are talking about over 70+ EPDM and 15+ Engineering installs, multiple plants and ton of functional testing- CRM, DW and SW testing. If the file reduction and performance really isn't there then I see no need to go through this kind of hassle to stay current.


Engineering vaults- 725GB+ growing at about 2.5GB month

Sales Vaults- 20GB+ growing at about 300MB per month