Doug Flentge

Failed SW07 Install after New Install of WinXP SP2

Discussion created by Doug Flentge on Apr 29, 2007
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by Richard Artes
Why is the error, "Wizard was interrupted before SolidWorks2007 could be completely installed" received whileinstalling?

I have had to re-format my machine and after this I have beenun-able to reinstall SW07 SP0.0 & SW 07 SP3.1.  Thecomputer was completely re-loaded and reformatted  Idownloaded all the WinXP security and hot fixes before attemptingto install SW.  I have tried to install before I loaded anyother software and I have tried after everything else was loaded... Neither has work.  I simply put the media in and thewizard goes up to the point where it asks you to participate inonline customer feedback and then it give me this exactmessage:

"The Wizard was interrupted before SolidWorks 2007 SP03.1could be completely installed."

" Your system has not been modified.  To installthis program at a later time, please run the installationagain."

When I click finish this appears from SolidWorks Master Setup
"The SolidWorks 2007 install did not successfullycomplete"  
"Please select the SolidWorks 2007 icon from the SolidWorksMaster Setup to attempt to reinstall."

I have done this many times with no success.  I havereformatted my machine now four times to attempt to get the installto work and I have had no success.  I have also done a restoreback to earlier points on the computer and attempted in install,but no success.

What is up with SW.  I have even gotten new media, as Ithought that might have been the issue.