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    Peter Gough


      I am new to this forum,

      SD user for 6 years now.

      2015 version has been a lot of trouble for me.

      Not sure if its a windows problem or SD2015.

      Nearly every time I go to insert a component it crashes.

      No other programs playing up.

      Waiting for support to help after break,

      it has rendered program close to useless at present.

      Was wondering if anyone else has suffered this problem.

      I have already run a repair, plus a complete re-install.



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          Deepak Gupta

          What SP of SOLIDWORKS you're using?

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            Tim Smith

            This version seems far more crash prone than past versions. The explorer interface with windows explorer seems far less stable than before as well.

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                Peter Gough

                Hi Tim,

                thanks for reply,

                I agree,

                but I seem to have solved the main problem.

                It would appear that both windows(on high end graphic progs) and Solidworks 15,

                do not cope with 2 pro graphics card well. My reason for the 2 cards was I had 3 monitors without displayports.

                Most AMD pro cards are geared up for displayport output, little compatibility with others.

                I have since bought a displayport monitor, ordered a second, problems so far have disappeared, thankfully.


                Problem all started with having twin direct x cards, 2015 was big trouble with these too.


                Summary, Sw2015, needs 1 Pro card, capable of running max monitor res required, exactly compatible and recommended output ports.




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                    Dave Laban

                    Why not use a DisplayPort to DVI adapter rather than another graphics card?  No issues here running three monitors out of a K4000 with one native DVI and two DP-DVI adapters (although this is with SW2014).

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                        Peter Gough

                        Hi Dave,

                        cheers for reply,

                        I could run 2014 with 2 games cards and  up to 4 monitors,

                        all at full hd, no problems.

                        Upgrade to 2015, nightmare began.

                        kind regards


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                            Paul Del Net

                            I have also had a large increase in the number of crashes in 2015, it reminds me of (I think it was SW 2008) that was a crash waiting to happen.

                            2015 seems to be at that level and more.


                            No new hardware or other changes, and all the hardware is within the requirements or better.

                            I have been using SW since 2005 and this one rates as one of the least stable versions for me.