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Lic. deactivation / transfer to new laptop via email / reactivate with SW .txt file   Help ;)

Question asked by Tony Smith on Dec 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by Tony Smith

Hello everyone

I have a seat of SW 2012 on an older laptop and need to transfer it to a new laptop a 64bit Win8.1 unit.

I don't have the CD Key # , I don't have the 64 bit disc even.

I talked to my reseller and he sent me a link to there ftp site and I downloaded the file sw2012 64 bit sp5.0

Next I deactivate transferred my lic. off the old laptop to an email address.

Next I sent in the activation request .txt file that it gave me to SW.

I received an SWactivate response that when I open SW it will ask me to activate the lic and I then "Run" the text file ?


My question :

SW never gets past the Fill in the CD Key boxes !?! , I have never gotten past that to see an activation window

What am I doing wrong?


Thank You !