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Hole Wizard and Hole Series Problems!

Question asked by Nick Wollman on Dec 23, 2014

solidworks 1.pngsolidworks 2.png

Without "propagate feature to parts selected" (Top Photo)

With "propagate feature to parts selected" . The sketch goes out into space and doesn't intersect the inside piece.


I have two sheet metal parts in an assembly that are spaced away from each other. The second parts base sketch is derived from the first. I created a hole wizard hole on the first sheet to go through both parts. With the " propagate feature to parts" disabled, the holes go through both parts (or appear to). When i enable the "propagate" feature, only the first part has the holes. the second one does not have them. When i look at the revolve profile derived sketch ( in the part, not in the assembly) the first parts' derived sketch intersects the model, but the second derived sketch in the other part goes out into space in the other direction in no particular alignment with anything. I have been at this for hours and its very frustrating. Also i have tried to make a hole series on the same part, but it wont let me place the holes on different planes. unless you cant.    How do i get it to work?