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Need a macro to change from K-factor to Bend DEDUCTION, including the value?

Question asked by Jason Moss on Dec 22, 2014

I have tried for weeks and searched all of the internet. I have tried the sheet metal examples from the api help, but have no luck, a direct copy and paste on some sheet metal examples do nothing (thanks sw). I have read about bugs and tricky work arounds... but couldn't get any to work using sw2014 sp5.


All I need is some working macro code, I can add it to a batch macro I have pre-set up, but I just need the code to change the bend type to "BEND DEDUCTION" and assign the value on a sheet metal part. I already have code to change and "overwrite" the bends individually, but I want to be able to edit the default of the sheet metal part as if you right clicked the sheet metal folder and edited the default values, it seems nothing holds or works when using a macro to do this. Help? Just a simple macro that changes a sheet metal parts defaults from k-factor to bend DEDUCTION and gives it a value. THANKS!


Added a picture of what it would do.