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Equations falling over - Pack & Go from EPDM

Question asked by James Spellman on Dec 22, 2014
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We currently utilise pack and go up to 30 times a day from files within the EPDM environment for product template files.

We are in the process of having updated our templates to increase the use of equations to better automate our assemblies by ~70 equations.

An issue which has been submitted to SoildWorks as a bug when pack and go from the SolidWorks environment is as follows

1     -     Files are checked in EPDM land. (Read only when opened for Pack & Go.)

2     -     Open assembly file which may contain 3 subassemblies with parts in each, and anywhere between 10 - 60 equations in total depending on product template.

3     -     Pack and Go (not checked out - don't want to either as multiple people may want access to the same templates at the same time) files to new location.

4     -     Open new top level assembly and equations have not updated during pack and go process. (the old file name from the template has not updated to the new filename in the equation manager box.


Now repeat the same steps with template files checked out. All new files update correctly as when checked out their is full read/write access.


However, this is not a viable solution when we pack and go so many times and not to mention the purpose of EPDM to protect files, have multiple users access the same files not to mention 30+ seats of SolidWorks and EPDM invested in the company.

Has anyone come across this before or suggestions?