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Suppress Assembly Parts by clicking face or window select

Question asked by JP Amezaga on Dec 22, 2014



I am working in an assembly.  Some times I click a face on the part, right click, and choose suppress.  Sometimes I make a window to highlight a bunch of parts, right click, and choose suppress.

I've been flipping through a lot of configurations as well.

Oddly, one part had all it's features suppressed (i.e. extrude, hole, fillet) instead of the part.  Had to open the part and unsuppress the features for it to appear again.

Also, I window selected a subassembly, of which there were a few.  2 of them were not completed enveloped in the subassembly but did suppress completely.  Later, unsuppressing, the 2 subassemblies became partially unsuppressed.


Kinda weird!

Anyone had similar experience, using graphic window to choose parts for suppression, and also dealing with different configurations???


Wondering if I'm doing something I shouldn't.