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Simulation Pop-ups concern or ignore?

Question asked by David Hooper on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by Michael Kalin

Simulation Pop-ups concern or ignore?



My end goal is to run a dynamic analysis on a very large system.  First, I simplified the system the most that I could including making many remote masses and shells.  I started analyzing my subassemblies each individually with frequency analysis and sometimes static analysis just to check the model.  I have been combining the assemblies and adding complexity as I go.  I have had the fun of just restarting solidworks and my "errors" go away many times.  Now, that I am increasing in complexity I have the following problem.  I get several pop-up windows when I try to solve the study. 


"Error in transferring special loads"



"One or more selected entities of sheet metal for Connections, Fixtures, and/or External Loads cannot be mapped to midsurface entity" 



I hit OK on both and the system appears to run ok, but should I be worried.  I would prefer to fix any issue prior to adding more and more complexity and definitely prior to running the dynamic analysis.    The only special loads that I can think of are my remote masses?


I tried to add more complexity yesterday and got "Frequency calculation with loads is unavailable with iterative solver. use sparse solver", which was strange considering I was using remote loads on the smaller subassemblies and had no issue.  I am using iterative solver with more accurate bonding.


The DOF is 1.4M, Nodes 341k, Elements are 324k.

I am running SW 14 SP5. 32 Gig ram, Intel Xeon CPU E5-2630 v2 @ 2.6GHz Windows 7

The path name is this long.

C:\XXXXX\XXXXXXX\Projects\XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX system 10-20-2014\XXX-Frequency Analysis Simplified


Any help would be appreciated because I am very behind due to: Motherboard going bad, SSD going bad, and major difference in SW14 S2 to S5. I have recovered from them all but now am really behind.



Note: found out that my support ran out without knowing about it until I needed it.