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Placing Terminal Strips (3D)

Question asked by Luis C. Loredo Bellido on Dec 22, 2014

Dear all,


How do you usually place all the terminals for a terminal strip in a 3D assy for SolidWorks Electrical?


Concerning the simplest case in which all the terminals are the same, there are three different ways at least:


  • Inserting each terminal and associating it in the "Electical Manager".
  • RMB over the terminal in the "Electrical Manager" and "insert" if a 3D part has been assigned to the reference.
  • RMB over the terminal strip in the "Electrical Manager" and "insert". A command where strips are selected and ordered before placed is shown.


It is the third option that I think is the most powerful. However, it only adds one strip despite the full terminal strip has been selected to be added. Has any of you experienced any issue with this option?