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    Can you rotate a sketch entity?

    Zenjoe Green
      I am engraving text onto a part, and I want text written indifferent directions.

      I can't seem to rotate the text entities using the"Tools>Sketch Tools>Rotate..." function. Every timeI click the check mark, the angle I entered resets to"0.00" degrees and the sketch has not rotated.

      I tried the little rotate function in the text edit window but thatonly rotates the individual letters, not text direction.

      I also tried typing:
      " <r90> W
       <r90> P
       <r90> 1 <r>"
       (trying to get the message WP1 written vertically)
      but the text spacing is different compared to the other text thatis not rotated.

      Can someone help.

      Thanks, Zenjoe  
      SW2007, SP 3.0