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Bug in SW 2015 - Cannot open file future version.

Question asked by Armand Billard on Dec 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by DOUG GRAHAM

Hi, I encountered already several time an annoying bug :

I use SW2015 SP1.

Happened 2 times that I work on a SW2015 file (one was a new one, the other one was a SW2014 saved again as 2015)

I worked on the files, closed them and when I tried to open a prompt says : Cannot open file, future version.

Well I guess there is no "future" version as the 2015 one I used so it's kind of frustrating

One corrupted file was an assembly, the only solution was to make a new assembly and reimport all files inside

the other one was a part that could never being opened again

Please help if any solution exist, actually I am kind of stressed now, if this happen again