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Toolbox parts screwed up after update to SW2014.

Question asked by Jess Davis on Dec 19, 2014

We just updated to SW2014 from SW2009.  I just opened an assembly to make a very minor change, and found that ALL of the hardware is gone.  Components in the feature tree are listed that are not the right ones, and they are all red, and not showing up.


I found this post 2011 Toolbox re-pathing automatically which sounds like the same problem.  Is this still screwed up in the same way?  Is there any way to fix this?


Here's how we have been using the toolbox:  When I need, say, an M8 hex nut, I find it in the Toolbox, create a new part with the appropriate configuration and size, and then "save as" in the appropriate folder, and give it our part number.  We save it in the project folder or at least in the folder for that customer.  We do not use hardware or parts across customers, even though it means that we have duplicate files.  We have various reasons for doing that.


From reading the above post, it sounds like when we open those files with the new version, when it sees one of those parts used, SW is seeing that it was once a Toolbox part, and instead of using the file we intend, is going to the Toolbox, and using something from there instead.  And to make things worse, those aren't even working for some reason--they say they have rebuild errors and don't even show up in the assembly.  But just the fact that the assembly is now made up of different part numbers than we intended is pretty catastrophic.


Can anyone tell me how badly screwed I am here?  Is every bolted assembly that our company has created for the past 5 years ruined?