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Minimum bend radius for individual wires in a cable

Question asked by Timothy Wagner on Dec 19, 2014

I am trying to create a 6 conductor cable that routes from a single connector to multiple CP point on another component.  I have no problem creating and connecting all the routes, but when I assign a cable with multiple wires the minimum bend radius gets messed up.  When I create the cable using the routing library wizard I set the minimum bend radius of the cable to .280 and the minimum bend radius of the individual wire to .1 (first image below).  When I edit the route of my cable in the assembly and select the path of the individual wires  Solidworks assigns the cable minimum band radius to the wires (second image below).  This of course means I can't route a wire to a tighter bend radius (third image below).  Take a look at the images below.  Has anyone else run into this problem, or is there some step or selection that I'm missing.  Any help would be appreciated


Routing Library Manager.png

Bend Radius.png

Routing Library Manager.png