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    Simulation Errors

    Gabriel Molina

      I am receiving an error that has plagued me for the past year. Our SolidWorks supplier has not been able to determine the problem. The end result was that "SolidWorks is not network friendly" and a recommendation to purchase SolidWorks EPDM which is not an option for us with only one user. When I run a simulation study of a model more than once, I get errors that display following the simulation study run. I get one of the following errors. After clicking OK, I get no results and have to re-run the study. I have to run the study up to 8-10 times before I get no error and I can see results. This is a problem when our larger studies can take a long time to run and a nuisance when running small studies.

      • Access to CancelSolverMenuStatic1.dat was denied
      • Access to CheckBoxStatusStatic1.dat was denied
      • I am currently running SolidWorks 2015 + Simulation Premium.
      • This occurs on all computers in our office. However, I am the only SolidWorks user.
      • This does not occur when the part file is on the local drive. Our project files are located on a shared network for ease of access and backup. This makes me think that this is a network problem.
      • The two files that are referred to in the error are located in the same directory as the part and study files.
      • I have tried deleting the two files between runs but still get the error.


      What are your thoughts? I cannot find a single thing when I Google this error. Thank you for your help.


      Gabriel Molina




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          Seckin Uslu

          The problem seems your project folder path nanme is too long. İf its possible copy project or pack and go to your desktop.

          (if you use pack and go , attention add a prefix like 'test' on parts and files name.).

          Run on your dekstop you won't get this message.


          İf you can not copy to your dekstop, shorten the path name.

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              Gabriel Molina

              Seckin, thank you for your response. I will try this when I get back to the office early January. I know that I don't have the problem when run the file local on my desktop which made me think it was a network issue. However, it very well could be a path name length. As soon as I get back and try it I will update this post.


              Thank you,


              Gabriel Molina

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              Dave Laban

              Main recommendation would be for any analysis, work off of your local drive.  The amount of read/write that has to be done means that working off of a network cripples the solve speed massively.

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                  Gabriel Molina

                  Dave, thanks for your feedback. Your recommendation is a valid one. This is likely the route I will be taking but need to determine a procedure to ensure a copy is on the network for backup and office access. Perhaps I can pack n' go each day to the network project folder.


                  Any thoughts?

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                      Jared Conway

                      seckin, good catch on the path, totally agree there.

                      dave's suggestion is really good as well, saving on a network is convenient, but performance will suffer significantly, definitely work local

                      your reseller's suggestion is good too, epdm allows you to work locally and get the performance you want but then check into the vault for data security


                      additional suggestions:

                      1. find out what your network saving system is. is it windows? is it a local drive on the windows server? that is supported by solidworks and you should be able to get help for that. (assuming it isn't the path length) but if you're using linux or some kind of attached storage, support will be limited.

                      2. a good in between option is as you described, maybe sync'ing your drive to the network overnight when you aren't working. but make sure you aren't running a simulation at the same time. manually pack'ing and go'ing could work too but will be laborious i think.

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                    Gabriel Molina

                    Now that the holidays are over and I am back in the office... here is an update to my problem.


                    1. I created a new folder in the root directory of our shared network and created a new file with very short file name. I ran a static simulation analysis and immediately received the above errors. I think the file path concern is valid and I should attempt to reduce the length but it does not appear to be the primary cause of my problem.


                    2. As recommended, my solution is to run all analysis on my local drive. I have created a folder that I will store all my SolidWorks projects. This will eliminate the errors and speed up the performance of the files in both editing and simulation. I have Windows  scheduled to automatically backup the local drive SolidWorks projects folder daily during off-hours onto the network.


                    There must be some read/write problem with working directly off the network but I cannot determine the exact source of the problem. Hope this information helps someone in the future.


                    Gabriel Molina