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    calloutformat using NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES remove 'x' for single holes

    Nick Lawrence



      I'm playing around with setting up a custom hole calloutformat.txt file to be in line with company standards.

      I'm interested in knowing if there is a way of controlling the format of the instances multiplier for a customised [ISO] standard.

      Currently the instance multiplier produces holes like:   6 x M6 whereas I'm after 6x M6 (i.e. losing the space between the number of instances and the 'x' multiplier).


      I can un-comment NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES from the top of the calloutformat.txt file and then put in   <num_inst>x ..... and I then get 6x M6 as desired, but the 'x' shows up on single holes as "x M6".

      Is there a special way of formatting parts of the calloutformat so they only show up on multiple instances?

      Is there any other way of customising this apart from manual edits on each callout (non-preferred).


      I've tried renaming the [ISO] standard to [JIS] and specifying JIS-COUNT-DELIMITER=x but I seem to lose all of the ISO formatting when doing this.


      Many thanks,