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Can you set Printer Setup per sheet?

Question asked by Donald Belliveau on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

I have many parts that has 3 configurations: Casting, Soft and Finish. When making the sheet I have each configuration have its own sheet. When the shop needs a print usually they only need 1 sheet at a time. Sometimes each sheet is on a different size paper. "A" and "B" sizes we send to printer, "C" and "D" sizes we send to plotter.


Now the issue, When I select Print I select current sheet then Page Setup. In Page Setup I select Printer/Plotter and Size. When I hit OK for some reason it automatically resets itself to all sheets. If you do not catch this you are wasting paper lots of paper. Is there a way to setup EACH sheet to a particular printer/plotter and paper size and keep current sheet?