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Benchmark Toolbox

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Dec 19, 2014

After using solidworks for 5 years I finally thought about doing the Benchmark thing.

Hey, I was bored during my lunch break, what can I say.


Afterwards I wasn't bored any more though. Because I couldn't find how to undo the changes it did to our toolbox. Our Toolbox that I have set up just like we need it had everything re-activated. The reason being that during the benchmark test it needs certain fasteners. Of course these fasteners are of the imperial kind, which we like the vast majority of the world don't use and it decided that since it couldn't find those active that there for the Toolbox wasn't activate and promptly put it in default mode or in another words, every fastener back active.


Would have been nice to have been warned about that before taking that test.