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Is it possible to use a design table with the trim/extend function?

Question asked by Stefan Beekman on Dec 18, 2014
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I'm starting to look into automating my design process when laying out steel bodies.  I've setup a design table to work with multiple length and width versions of the body, but I'm having trouble getting the trim feature to work with the design table.  I'm not sure if this is even possible, and I tried searching Google with no avail, I might not be asking the right question.


Hopefully the pictures better illustrate what I'm trying to do.  The first picture with the overall body has multiple configurations for length and width.  The front tube and rear tube are what drives the length and the channel cross members update correctly with each given length.  The flatbar stiffeners are where I'm running into problems, on the default body I did a trim feature as seen in the second image, but when I switch to a different size body, I lose that trim.  Is there a way to include this in the design table or am I better off modeling one and patterning it just like the channel?  Thanks in advance for the help.