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    Anyone can help me create macro to estimate the modelling time of top assembly, please??


      Concept of  modelling time estimation of top assembly:

      Each part takes various time to finish the modelling process. When they are assembled in sub-assembly, the time to finish of this sub-assembly will be determined by finishing time of longest one. It does the same when those sub-assembly are combined in the top assembly. I would like you to suggest about how to input this property on the custom property and let it calculates the max time ( by using equations or link to property) in order to estimate the modelling time for each project automatically. Please see the flow chart below.

      The figure show the TOP ASSY takes 5 hours to finish. It is estimated from the maximum time among SUB ASSY #1, #2, and #3. The same way SUB ASSY #1A takes 5 hours where obtained from Part B (5 hours).


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          Daniel Andersson

          I have not seen a property that contains modeling time. If there is, this could most likely be achieved by a macro that loops thru the parts and compares the property.


          But if there is not a property. There is a few things that might be tricky, if there is not a property and you aim to create it.


          The features contain time stamps, created and modified. But there is no way of telling the active modeling time for a part or assembly.

          As a comparison between oldest and newest time-stamp would most likely be very false, since days can have passed between the modelling. To add to this, what if parts is copied from project to project and the a few old time stamps remain...?


          The second thing I would like to comment is the approach of estimation, perhaps it suits the need of your company but in general I do not belive this is a good way of estimate the modeling time for a top-level assembly. Sometimes you spend days to model a cast blank that is later put into a assembly (as machined...) which you can finish within a few hours if you reuse a previous assembly.

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